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LOCALE(1)							     LOCALE(1)


locale - Get locale-specific information.


locale [ -a | -m] locale [ -ck ] name...


The locale program writes information about the current locale environment, or all locales, to standard output. When invoked without arguments, locale summarizes the current locale environment for each locale category defined by the LC_* environment variables. -a, --all-locales Write names of available locales. -m, --charmaps Write names of available charmaps. Output Format: -c, --category-name Write names of selected categories. -k, --keyword-name Write names and values of selected keywords.


LC_CTYPE Character classification and case conversion. LC_COLLATE Collation order. LC_TIME Date and time formats. LC_NUMERIC Non-monetary numeric formats. LC_MONETARY Monetary formats. LC_MESSAGES Formats of informative and diagnostic messages and interactive responses.


locale is written by Ulrich Drepper for the GNU C Library. This manpage is written by Joel Klecker <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system. 3rd Berkeley Distribution March 2001 LOCALE(1)

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